Why we are! An understanding onto why today’s graduates need training

32.67% and 34.55%!


These figures really opened my eyes when I heard them but it also gave me a sense of confirmation that I had started the right thing, that, I was on the right track.


Welcome everyone,


You would be wondering what these figures are? Well that is the average employability rate for the last 5 years for B.Com/ BBA and BA students respectively (and I’m not saying it, these are numbers published in the report of “India Skills Survey”). That too without taking into consideration subject/ domain knowledge. Don’t you think that’s very less?


To those of you who are wondering what is employability? Employability or the ability of a student to be employed means how much really the student is ready for job. So only 32.67% and 34.55% students are job-ready in India. What about the rest of them? And if we add subject knowledge, the ratio would not be even half of this.


Isn’t it very strange?


To give you a little background, this idea of opening a training center for graduates began more than 3 years back. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant from the May 2015 batch and working in Big 4’s and pursuing articleship (internship) in a mid-size firm in Bangalore, I had a chance to interact with multiple types of Corporate.


Often when I used interact with various Corporate or people from Finance team, I used to realize that the graduates are only working without actually applying/ learning. And that’s why so many are not even able to get jobs in field they want.


Not to forget, there are many graduates out there who are interested in learning more. But they are in fear of being judged or not being able to cope up to ask. Sometimes even if they ask they don’t really find a well-known resource.


This got me to think, why it is like this and started my little research on this. Infact many of you would have seen that finance team in many companies often work more than all other teams. Whether it is a manufacturing industry, a trading company, a tech company or a company whose roots are outside India.


On further research on graduates, multiple small issues popped up such as:

  • Graduates have no idea what work they are going to do before taking up the job
  • They have no practical experience of any of their subjects which they study
  • Most of them have no understanding of concepts of accounts, tax, or other subjects from college
  • They are finding it difficult to work and cope up with things. While they are interested, it is becoming hard for them to get a hang of things.


And this leads to an important factor, learning stops and only working happens. Many things that could get completed in a short span of time takes more than double the time because the basics are weak and many things that could have got completed in-house, goes to consultants which increases the cost to company where they work.


And the circle of life begins! During that stage it is difficult to get out of the cycle. The famous quote that said “Half knowledge is worse than ignorance” by Thomas B Macaulay is very apt for this. With half knowledge the graduates are in a situation where they know to do a work and equally have no clue about it.


It is not really the graduates at fault here, it is the system which adds to this. Due to so many factors which are not in their control, the graduates are often left with nothing but a degree which is passed by reading a few important questions and then working 9 to 6 with exactly doing the same thing each passing day.


My problem is not doing the same thing everyday nor it is with 9 to 6. My problem was with how it was being done. There are people who took months to realize that the time taken for the work they were doing can be cut short, that what they were doing had a background law or logic which could be understood, that everything is linked (and sometimes they never realize it at all). The issue is many people worked and worked without understanding why, what, how and how much they are doing it.


From the corporate’s angel – they hire resource which take 8-12 months to settle down, understand what is their role. Infact in the first 4-5 months, most of the graduates don’t even know what exactly they are doing.


I realized the only thing that can save this is an efficient training program. From then on, I’ve been thinking of making one. Finally, I quit the well-paying job and decided to take the leap. This lead to the beginning of Trof Training.


Our aim is simple, transforming individuals into professionals. The more professionals we create, the better it is for the country. Being a professional means being competent, skillful, assured of the work. It means a person is skilled in a particular activity. We may not be able to create a 100% professional, but if we are able to get more and more people into the path of professionalism, our work is done.


If you are a graduate and would not like to meet the same fate as every other graduate is doing, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO ACT. If you are wondering how your seniors made career, you can ask them. But, most of them will not tell you these things, either because they are embarrassed of it or most probably they don’t even realise that a training could have made things a lot more easier.


Coming back to Trof Training. Currently, we have two courses:

  1. A2A (Accounts to Audit)
  2. Taxing the Taxes (Direct and Indirect Tax)


When creating our courses, we have ensured each of our course is specifically curated to ensure that the person understands the basic concepts, does them practically, knows MS office skills and is given sufficient soft-skills development. (yes all 4 blended into one short and effective course)


If you have an interest in making career in the above fields, contact us and keep watching our space for updates on other courses for the commerce sector.


You can know more about us or our courses at our website www.troftraining.com or follow us on Instagram / FB / Twitter / LinkedIn or mail us on admin@troftraining.com.


You can also contact us on +91-6362335837 (whatsapp/ Hike/ call us)


Awaiting your questions.


Yogesh K Shah,

Director, Trof Training

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